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Summer hiking between heaven and earth around Tignes-le-lac

When summer dawns in the majestic mountains of Tignes-le-lac in Savoie, a unique and refreshing experience awaits nature lovers, adventurers seeking a challenge and families looking to recharge their batteries. The invigorating benefits of summer mountain hiking blend perfectly with the luxurious comfort and warm ambience of an exceptional chalet, Eden Roc, offering an unrivalled summer getaway.

Reconnect with nature

The picturesque hiking trails around Tignes-le-lac invite you to connect deeply with nature. Breathtaking panoramas, from snow-capped peaks to verdant valleys, remind everyone of the immensity and beauty of our planet. Walking in harmony with nature soothes the soul and frees the mind from everyday worries.

Each trail represents a challenge, an opportunity to surpass oneself. Summer hikes around Tignes-le-lac offer challenging climbs, thrilling descents and obstacles to conquer. Reaching a summit gives you an unparalleled sense of accomplishment and total relaxation. A true return to yourself!

Moments of sharing

Exploring alpine trails with family and friends creates lasting memories and strong bonds. Shared challenges, breaks by sparkling lakes and spontaneous laughter create an atmosphere conducive to conviviality and good humor. You simply feel good.

Break at Eden Roc

After a day exploring the mountains, there's nothing like returning to a warm, luxurious haven of peace. L'Eden Roc, an exceptional chalet nestled in the heart of Tignes-le-lac, offers an unrivalled experience. From the elegantly appointed rooms, every detail is designed to provide the comfort you expect. Spacious common areas invite you to relax, and the panoramic views from every room in the chalet will leave you speechless.

Eden Roc not only offers you an exquisite place to stay, but also a refined culinary experience. To order, enjoy gourmet cuisine prepared with care by our chefs. Regional flavors and seasonal ingredients, or home cooking, just order in and enjoy on the terrace or in the dining room. The chalet is equipped with spaces for memorable meals with family and friends.

Reinvent your summer at Tignes-le-lac

Summer around Tignes-le-lac offers much more than breathtaking scenery and picturesque summer hiking trails. It's an invitation to reconnect with nature, take on challenges, strengthen bonds and recharge your batteries in the sumptuous comfort of Eden Roc. Get ready for a memorable summer experience, where the benefits of hiking blend harmoniously with the pleasure of a stay in a warm, luxurious chalet.

Book your getaway at Eden Roc and discover an unforgettable summer at Tignes-le-lac, where the mountains call you to adventure and relaxation.

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