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  • Vie de chalet à L'eden Roc

Tips for driving in the mountains and enjoying the comfort of the luxurious Eden Roc chalet in Tignes le Lac, Savoie

Tignes le Lac, in the heart of the French Alps, is a popular winter destination, attracting ski enthusiasts from all over the world. To ensure a pleasant stay in the luxurious comfort of the Eden Roc chalet, controlled driving on mountain roads is essential. Discover our tips for a hassle-free trip to this winter destination.

Prepare your vehicle for winter conditions

Before you hit the road, make sure your vehicle is ready for snowy conditions. Winter tires, snow chains and a check of essential fluids are crucial. Between November 1 and March 31, it is compulsory to equip your vehicle with winter tires, snow chains or snow socks. The Savoie department is subject to this total winter equipment obligation.

On arrival, the Eden Roc chalet offers two covered, secure parking spaces in the chalet garages. This means your vehicle can be looked after during your stay.

Anticipate changing weather conditions

Mountain roads can be capricious, especially in winter. Check the weather forecast regularly and adjust your itinerary accordingly.

Transportation options from airports and train stations

For those who prefer not to drive, transport options from Lyon Saint-Exupéry and Geneva airports, as well as Chambéry and Grenoble train stations, are available. Regular shuttle buses provide convenient transfers to Tignes-le-Lac.

Drive carefully in the mountains

Caution is essential on winding mountain roads. Observe speed limits, use engine braking and watch out for bends.

Take breaks

A well-planned itinerary can make your trip even more enjoyable. Take time out to visit Bourg-Saint- Maurice and buy cheese from the local cooperative.

Arriving in Tignes-le-Lac: relax in the Eden Roc chalet

After a safe journey, relax in the luxurious comfort of the Eden Roc chalet. Take possession of the premises and enjoy the comfort and conviviality of our living spaces. Swimming pool, sauna, fitness facilities, lounges and billiard room will be all the more appreciated when you return from your memorable escapades on the snowy slopes of the famous Tignes/Val d'Isère ski area.

An optimal stay in Tignes-le-Lac with L'Eden Roc

By following these tips, your journey to Tignes-le-Lac will be not only safe but also a source of pleasure. Take full advantage of the ski season and the exceptional comfort of the Eden Roc chalet. Have a great trip and an unforgettable alpine experience!



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